Wedding Date – 17.03.17

Dress – Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House


David and I got married at my father’s beach house at cape jervis in March. David proposed to me on my 30th birthday and we decided to get married in 6 months. Jenny and Gerry’s was the first bridal store I had ever been to. I was not sure what to expect, your lovely assistant Victoria picked out a few dresses from the ideas I gave her. My mother also came with me and picked out a few of her favourites from doing lots of research on your website.

The dresses looked so different hanging up to when I tried them on. So much that I initially said no to Victoria to trying on the Watters Betty dress, as I had already tried on the sister dress and was not sure of the pattern. After I had tried on a few styles it was the fit of the Watters dress that I liked the best, instead of trying the dress which I previously wore Victoria encouraged me to try on the one that I dismissed (She did not put this dress away as she had a feeling about this one) Once I had the Betty dress on I realised how different the pattern was to the sister dress. This one I felt pretty in and thought it was something a bit different.

So in 2hrs and about 6 dresses later I had found the one! As i was getting married in 6 months I knew i did not have a lot of time to look for a dress as they could take that long to order in. I was nervous about choosing so quickly and did doubt myself afterwards, but I had no reason to doubt. I absolutely love this dress and had so many comments on it. Victoria knew best and gave me lots of encouraging words, thank you Jenny and Gerry’s.