Wedding Date – 28.08.20

Location – Al Ru Farm, Sampson Flat

Bride –  Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

Groom – Gerry’s Suit Hire & Sales and Ignition For Men

Bridesmaid –  Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

Photographer –  James Field Photography

On the 28th August, I married my best friend.  The weather was incredible and we chose one of the most beautiful locations – AL RU Farm, Sampson Flat.  Our two daughters were our flower girls and our two best friends were our maid of honour and best man.  Our day couldn’t have been any more perfect – it was filled with so much love, happiness and laughter.  It was a very relaxing day so we got to enjoy every minute of it and it will be a day we will always remember.

The team at Jenny & Gerry’s have been incredible during our whole wedding planning and have made the whole process very easy and enjoyable.  After we visited AL RU for the first time on day one of our wedding planning, we decided to call into Jenny & Gerry’s on the way home to look at suits.  Rhys found his suit straight away and while he was looking at accessories, I popped upstairs to have a quick look and as soon as I walked into the bridal section I saw my dress peering out at me.  It was the one.

I returned a week or two later to have another look and to try it on – my appointment was with Tonia.  As soon as I put it on I knew that was the dress, however I wanted long sleeves.  Tonia assured me long sleeves could be added so we ordered extra fabric and the team at Jenny & Gerry’s transformed my dress into my dream gown.  The alteration was perfectly done and actually looked like they were part of the original design.

The guys hired their 3 piece suits with the help of (we think it was Julie) and we ordered bow-ties and hanks from Ignition and purchased their belts from there too.  I also ordered my bridesmaid dress from Glamour Room with the help again from Tonia. We found it very useful and helpful to be able to purchase all our outfits for our wedding at the same one place.