Wedding Date – 18.08.17

Dress – Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

Bridesmaids – Glamour Room

Location – Utopia, Waterfall Gully

The reason why i chose Jenny and Gerry’s (i didn’t actually go anywhere else) was due to my sister purchasing her wedding dress there 18 months prior and their amazing service. 
So i visited Jenny and Gerry’s less than 6 months before my wedding date, so purchased the dress in Feb (from memory) and my wedding was on the 18th August. J&G were fantastic and reassured me that they would be able to deliver the dress in plenty of time before my wedding. My then fiancé and I had a 6 month engagement. We knew we wanted to be married so set a short date and we love the fact that we did!
From the moment i stepped in J&G, they made me feel at home. I had a design in mind for the dress that i had dreamt about and the assistant helped me find that particular design, so i wanted something quite antique with quite stiff material (sorry about the way i explain this, however i have no idea about material), almost audrey hepburn style. Quite elegant, not princess style. 
The assistant was happy to find me those styles (which i tried on and didn’t feel right in them) however she said that i had a good figure and why not show it off, so she asked me if it would be okay if she got some gowns that she felt would flatter my body and make me look like a million dollars. I agreed and she then bought me some gowns which with my permission she asked if i liked them. I tried on several of “my style” and my sister and friend, and also myself knew that the picture that i had in my head, wasn’t the ideal dress for me, it just didn’t suit me as it didn’t flatter my body. I am 6’ft 1 so finding a dress i know was going to be quite tricky. All the time, the assistant was so helpful and really listened to what i didn’t like about certain gowns and then improved on them when she brought me the next choices. Finally she got me into strapless gowns and after trying on approximately 5 different style gowns, from mermaid to quite boofy styles, she finally got me into the ONE.
You hear about people trying on the ONE and they immediately know that this is the dress that they will be married in. Well, this dress was the ONE. i have goosebumps now thinking about it, my sister and my friend almost immediately cried when i walked out and we all agreed in unison that this was the ONE. The assistant was so fantastic, getting me in and out of quite a few gowns, all the time being so gentle and kind and VERY patient. 
As my one of my bridesmaids wasn’t able to be there when i found the dress, J&G were very accommodating for me to come and try the dress on again. They were very helpful and very attentive. They were always happy, we even commented about whether they loved their job and they responded with “Yes we do, everyone who walks through these doors are planning their happiest day of their life and this is something that we as staff get to share with our customers”. There really is happiness all round when you enter J&G’s. 
When i went and picked up my dress, i was lucky enough to be served by Jenny, the great thing is that they allow you to try on many veils, they are not pushy and allow you to take your time and really make you feel special and that you are the only one that they are serving. They don’t rush you and certainly let you walk around in your dress and take many photos of many different angles. I like the round pedestal that you stand on and Jenny was letting my sister and my mother know what worked best with the dress, she even gave me cups to boost my boobs so i could get that wow factor. They really know what they are dong at J&G’s. I felt happy from the moment i entered to the moment i left, and after my wedding all of my family and friends commented on my dress and how beautiful it was. I also really like the fact that they ask you your budget and do not let you try on anything over your budget, J&G certainly don’t try and upsell you into something that you can not afford. 
Sarah xx