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This moonlight silver masterpiece of delicate design Elina features ceramic buds and flowers embellished with peal centres and sparkling sprays of starry crystal. Lightweight and easily attached and adjusted for style and comfort preferences, this piece is the perfect fairytale touch for your dream wedding. Don’t walk down the aisle without Elina as your bridal crowning glory.

Elina is a branch-like vine with arms of silver wire arms that spread on both sides. Very soft and delicate silver wire is wound through the middle, holding ceramic buds and flowers with pearl centres. The branches, made of a finer silver wire, hold round crystal stones and small pearlescent beads. All elements of Elina are super flexible making her an incredibly versatile and easy to wear piece. Elina can be intertwined in your hair in a plaited fashion of wound around a large bridal bun. You can get really creative with styling this bridal vine. Elina is perfect for a bride looking for a very lightweight, white piece with a hint of crystal.
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