Mickaela and Michael

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Mickaela and Michael

Wedding Date – 12.10.23

Location – Whyalla Uniting Church and Centrals Football Club

Bride –  Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

Photographer – Courtney Hewett Photography

My Husband Michael and I met via a random add on Facebook 7 years ago on my behalf. We spend 4 days straight talking to each other and getting to know each other when we decided if was time to meet in person. Come to the day we met he was exactly who he said he was except he was a lot taller and cute then I anticipated we went for countless drives around the town and the beach talking about anything and everything that came to mind I met his two sisters and their partners and kids and his parents all on the same day as I met him and it felt like I knew them for years. we clicked and we found our lives quickly evolving into becoming each other’s everything where life felt strange without the other being there. Fast forward 7 years we now have a family of our own with 2 beautiful boys 4yr old Mason and 1 ½ year old Mitchell

Our wedding day went absolutely beautifully, the getting ready went so breezy but come to 1 hr before the wedding it turned into absolutely chaos with everyones nerves turning up to high and i having to call my florist for see if she could delivery extra baby’s breath for my bridesmaids hair as the headbands I picked wasn’t going to work with the hairstyles chosen. But then the ceremony started and we all started to walk down the aisle and a church full of family and friends all I could see was Michael standing there with his big cheesy grin and it made the whole stressfulness of the day float away.

My experience in store buying my dress was absolutely fantastic Rose was my consultant for the day and i told her my budget and she said okay let me show you some dresses I had a style in mind I found some beautiful gowns that I thought we suit me. Rose then came out with this brand new dress that no one had tried on she showed it to me and I looked at it and scrunched my nose us and said “ahh it not something I would pick.” Rose then said “it looks a lot different off the hanger just give it a chance” so we went to the change rooms and I tried that dress on and I fell head over heels for it and so did my family patiently waiting for me to come out. We tried different dressed on but I was always comparing it to the first dress but I felt like it was missing something so I asked Rose if they had any glitter tulle to see if that would make a difference so she goes and comes back with it and she pins it under the floral lace fabric and it was absolutely perfect and my dad asked me the question and I said yes to the perfect dress

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