Dani and Jake

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Dani and Jake

Wedding Date – 12.03.22

Location – Blanche Point

Bride –  Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

Photographer – Luke John Photography

We had known each other for 8 years before making things official. It was instantly obvious it was a forever thing! 3 babies and a 5 year engagement later (thanks covid)… we finally wed!

I had no intention of buying a dress to be honest. I just wanted the experience of trying on beautiful dresses, because ‘why not?’ I tried on my first dress with my consultant, Rose, and it was the one!
Everyone cried… Rose asked if this was my dress… and it was the second easiest ‘yes’ I’ve ever said in my life. Second to Jake asking if I’ll be his wifey obviously. Such a seamless and easy experience!
Dress arrived earlier than expected and I had no issues whatsoever!

The day was a dream! We were so chilled and just so excited that we were finally getting our day! Married on the cliffs and celebrating with an intimate party at our home after with 60 of our nearest and dearest.
I felt like a Princess!

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