Wedding Date – 22.08.19

Location – Marybanks Farm Rostrevor & Krystal Function Centre Pt Adelaide

Bride –  Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

Photographer – Valentina Perez Imaging

 Ross and I lived a few houses apart when I was born and complete strangers Ross and I met on tinder 20 years later in May 2014, we then decided to become an item on August 20th 2014, early 2016 we moved into our own place together and we got engaged on August 21st 2016 which was the day after our 2 year anniversary together, we have also travelled overseas to New Zealand on a cruise ship and travelled around Victoria and south Australia together on road trips… we got a fur baby, our beautiful cat Luna. We have built a photography business named Mildura photography together where we specialise in portraiture and weddings.
We decided our 3 year engagement was a little to long and while we were waiting for our wedding day to finally arrive we decided we wanted something a little special in our lives and we decided to have a baby, January 2019 our little girl Ivy-Rose arrived. August 22nd 2019 after 5 years and 2 days together and planning a wedding for 3 years we finally tied the knot and became Mr and Mrs Pendock!
Ross and I had a destination wedding in Adelaide, none of our guests or even us live in south Australia! But we were lucky to have people travel and surround us with all the love that was given on our special day! We had a destination wedding due to photographing so many weddings at home (in Mildura Victoria) that we had seen all the locations and wanted something new and exciting for us! And that is what we got at Marybanks farm and Krystal function centre!
We also had some photos taken at Port Adelaide in Crozier Street by the most amazing photography Valentina Perez imaging!!! Valentina and Luis were our official photographers for the whole day and we were sooo lucky because they are absolutely amazing as people and photographers!! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better. And video by Michael Waxman at Scarlet Studios!!! He was amazing too!! Our celebrant was pretty special! we had Batman!! Alessandro Iannella was perfect! Our suppliers I honestly couldn’t have asked for better ones!!!! Our wedding cars were amazing too!!! Classic Jags.







My experience with Jenny and Gerry’s was absolutely amazing!!! I honestly can’t thank Jenny enough!!!! I had stalked my wedding dress online for a few years (before getting engaged) and I kept coming back to this dress and another Stella York dress and when Ross finally asked the question I got excited, approx 11 months later I decided it was time to go wedding shopping, mind you I wasn’t planning on buying at that time as being so far out from the wedding still but I couldn’t help myself.


Knowing our one store where we live locally did not have not have this dress as I was told it was an old collection I began to send emails out to driving distance cities, I emailed bridal stores in Victoria around Melbourne and around Adelaide. Jenny and Gerry’s was the only store that came back to me saying they still stock one of the dresses and they had it in store!!!!!! I could go and see it! So I rang my mum and quickly planned a trip for the next day to Adelaide. Fast I know, but I had to see this dress! Jenny made my appointment at such late notice, I was so lucky!


I was on my way to Adelaide with my mum and youngest sister. Unfortunately the dress was not in my size but I got to see the dress in the flesh! I tried on multiple dresses that day to but I kept coming back to this dress. So we ordered it in! Approx 8 months later my dress was in store! So we travelled the 4.5 hours back to Adelaide and tried it on!! I loved it but I was beginning to have second thoughts on it. Jenny then said a veil came in with it and it was absolutely amazing!!!!! It tied it altogether!! I left that day a little unsure on my dress but having paid it off I decided to keep it.
I went back a year and a half later when it was time for my first alterations fitting, I went to this appointment on my own a little nervous as how I felt a year and a half before and now I was trying my dress on again 6 months after having a baby I was a little more nervous on how my body would look in this dress. I had Tia for my alterations and she was amazing!!!!! It was like I wasn’t alone for my fitting and it was fun! I put my dress on and I was twirling in it and absolutely loving it!! I was so relived!!!


We tried on tiaras and other head pieces and chose the right one for me! I was in love, I was once again excited! 2 days prior to my wedding I had my last fitting with my oldest sister after a very stressful day I put my dress on and once again felt amazing! Alterations had been done and they were perfect!!! I felt like a princess.. Tia had done amazing!!


Jenny helped me massively when choosing my dress, paying it off the amazing payment plan she allowed me to have helped me so much and it was a massive accomplishment when I had finished paying it off. Also storing my dress, veil and tiara for me leading up to the wedding too so I didn’t have to drive it back home to Mildura and then back again for alterations and the wedding!! Jenny is honestly a life saving god sent and I couldn’t have asked for a better lady to work with for my special dress. Thank you thank you thank you!! All our little messages at all hours of the day!

You really helped me a lot and took a lot of pressure and stress off me and I am so grateful! I am so pleased Jenny and Gerry’s sent me back that email in July 2017! And I had that relationship built from then to my wedding day 2 years later! The quality of the dress is amazing, the look of the dress is perfect! The veil and tiara were absolutely amazing too. I had my fairy tale wedding and I absolutely felt like the princess! And I couldn’t have done it without Jenny and Gerry’s! 💖