Wedding Date – 11.10.19

Location – Willow and Ivie, Iyrmple VIC

Bride –  Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

Photographer – Run Wild Photographer

Buying a wedding dress of your dreams can be one of the most difficult parts of your wedding preparation but trying to find 2 perfect dresses, one for myself and one for my wife to be is a whole new level of anxiety. We traveled from Broken Hill NSW to Adelaide for few days worth of dress shopping. First stop was Jenny and Gerrys and we didn’t make any of our other appointments from there. The girls at Jenny and Gerrys went out of there way to accommodate our wishes of not seeing each other’s dresses however insured that the dresses complement each other nicely.

The team was running between each of us making sure we had the perfect combination of matching but not to similar, different but not opposite and of course ensuring we both were comfortable and happy. The girls expertise shines through it there work, both professional and passionate which made us both feel so at ease and comfortable. At our final dress fitting our little girl (8years old) even commented when we left, I’m going to miss those girls. We couldn’t thank Tia our dress fitter enough either for listening to our wishes and altering the dresses so they fitted our body shape and style.

Thank you again Jessie and Bree xx