Wedding Date – 01.09.18

Bride –  Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House

I can not Express how wonderful my experience was with Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal!!
Firstly with the time frame and budget I had to find and order my dress.. the staff were fantastic at helping me find my perfect dress and suggesting alterations to make it my own and personal.❤
Dress was ordered and delivered it time frame promised ❤
However on first fitting I had a beautiful surprise addition I had to make allowance for in my dress… I was 13 wks pregnant and would be 18 by wedding day…❤ (as its was not my first.. I was showing earlier).. and of course I had gone for the tightest dress I could have when I first ordered one😏 however the staff we so accommodating and came up with solutions to ensure I would be comfortable and not loose the shape of my dress..❤ these women worked so well together and so hard for my dress to be perfect!!!
Working late into the nights to alter my dress at last minute so it would fit perfectly on our special day..❤ I honestly don’t know how these wonderful ladies were able to add a belly to my dress with no way of seeing it.. ❤
I had so many compliments on my dress and how it fit my belly! I could continue to go on but I think the only way to end this post is with A MASSIVE THANK YOU!! to those wonderful ladies involved in making my dress perfect for me!❤